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Listen More Than You Talk

My weekly encouragement is on how to listen more than talking!

A few reasons why are:

  1. They may be telling you something that's on their heart and may just think you don’t care if you’re not listening.

  2. They may not want to open up if you talk and have your turn, but they don’t get their chance.

  3. They may trust you more than others when you listen because they feel more confident with you and feel like you don't judge them.

And that's just a few reasons why but you and I both know there are way more. So, I'm encouraging you or y'all to hear and use the ears God gave you to listen to people rather than talking all the time!


If you are or were in school you know that if you talk all the time, you would not get anything done, have more and more pressure building on top of everything and may not even pass your tests!------------------

So I encourage you to listen more than talk to others; people take the time to listen to you so do the same back to them!

As my teacher says: “Treat others how you want to be treated!”

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